Focus on: Ensuring safety at the workplace during the COVID pandemic

2 October 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the world and the workplace in the last few months. As a result, health and safety are more important than ever and companies continue to improve business continuity plans to account for the need of reduced human-to-human contact at the workplace. Not only the government, but employers and employees alike play a key role in reinforcing the COVID-19 secure guidelines to help minimise the spread of the virus.


Staff and customers’ health and wellbeing are a priority for Donwood Glass

At Donwood Glass, we have taken COVID spread mitigation seriously, while also ensuring that our operations continue to flow efficiently. We’ve adapted to this new normal by adjusting our working procedures to ensure that our staff are compliant and safe. 

We stay connected with our customers and we continue our pursuit of excellence in everything that we do. As always, we are committed to quality – whether it’s the quality of the products and services we offer or the high standard of health and safety provisions we make.


Employer’s duty to create a safer workplace environment

Employers have a 'duty of care' for staff, customers and anyone else who visits their premises. They need to follow official government guidance and ensure their workplace is COVID-secure during the ongoing pandemic.  

Where it is required that staff work from the office, employees will need to be reassured that the necessary measures are being put in place to ensure their safety.

Workplaces should be set up to meet the COVID-19 Secure guidelines. These include the introduction of back-to-back or side-by-side working, separating workspaces 2 metres apart from one another where possible and the use of screens or barriers to separate people.

To help with the transition back into a functioning economy and creating a safe environment for people to work in, we have introduced a new range of glass hygiene screens for your workplace.

Donwood Glass’ new glass hygiene screens

Our hygiene screens are a great solution to enable your employees to socially distance in most indoor workplace environments. The glass is high enough to give protection and limit the risk of airborne germs being spread, but not too high to make employees feel cut off and isolated.

The glass screens are available in one height (60cm) and three widths (80/140/160cm) to fit a range of desk settings. All screens come with adjustable support clamps in satin chrome to allow for easy fixing to most types of surfaces. The hygiene screens are supply-only and available to deliver locally.

To find out more about other bespoke solutions that can help you create a safer office, please contact our team.